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Legal information


PMShuHaRi is a registered trademark of Strategic Transformation Consultants Ltd.

Company Type: Private Limited Company

Major Area of Economic Activity: Services

Establishment Date: April, 2010

Company Size: ± 10 employees

BIN: 002159103-0101

Head Office: House – 520 (Ground Floor), Road – 10 ,

                        Baridhara DOHS.

                        Dhaka – 1206, Bangladesh.

Partnet:   Project Management Institute (PMI) – ATP instructor

                  American Society for Quality (ASQ) – Strategic Alliances


We, PMShuHaRi, declare that all the information provided in this document is correct and authentic. We also claim that neither our company nor our sister concerns or businesses are related to finance through intimidation or other illegal activities. We now state and certify that there are no existing orders of any judicial court that prevent either a person or firm or employees of the company from entering into and/or signing a contract with any private and public organizations of the country.